Conversation With Angels _ Volume I

Conversation With Angels _ Volume I


It is our intention to help you realize your full potential by guiding you through the mechanism of spirit. From our perspective it is simple. You have two main tools and the rest is a variation on this theme.  The first is love, and the second is intent.  These two are the vehicle and the fuel. You contain all you need, and you create what you need when you are in the now.   When you are walking hand in hand with your breath, feeling your heartbeat, you are powerful.  The joy comes from being you with you.  You are vibrating instruments.  To yourselves, you appear solid, but to us you are a vibration.  We see you in terms of your colors, we see you in term of your light, we see you in terms of the shapes that surround you, and we can hear your melody.  You are a giant orchestra and pyrotechnic display, combined.  You are beautiful to us; you are magnificent in every way. When a human plants a seed of enlightenment, all around will begin to see the light.  Light does not have an agenda.  Light does not try to convince anyone of its attribute.  Light just reveals what is there. It is an awesome power to realize your oneness and to set an intention to vibrate at a higher frequency. Discovering your true purpose and your oneness will manifest a bridge of light that will open the path to a new consciousness. And so be it.

Paperback: 380 pages

  • Publisher: Epigraph Publishing (November 24, 2008)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 0979882885

  • ISBN-13: 978-0979882883

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