Conversation With Angels

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We love you so and this is just the beginning. We come to you in this form because you have asked us to bring this information to you. Some of you may ask, but where is it coming from, really? Our simple answer is that this information is coming from the circle. Some of you may ask if this is what some call channeling. With all love we wish to tell you that many of you misunderstand the idea behind channeling. You are all channeling all the time. It is your linear perception which keeps you from the awareness that you are many things and in many places simultaneously.

1. The Buffet

You have, over millennia, moved away from your emotions and feelings, discarding them as feminine or irrational. You have moved away from the divine, feminine side of yourselves to the rational, masculine side. By doing so, you have created imbalance within yourselves and your relationships to the planet (read more)

2. “Feel” your selves

You are experiencing a shift of paradigm. Th is shift manifests on all levels of consciousness and therefore it is expressed through your biology as well. You are becoming more enabled than ever as a human. It is a wonderful time to smell the flowers, to slow down and “feel” your selves. (read more)

3. Car Without Fuel

When you do what you deeply desire and are passionate about it, the energy you transmit is powerful. When you choose to do something that is a “compromise” in order to meet your responsibilities and make ends meet, it is as if you were, from our perspective, attempting to drive a fast new car without fuel. You are pushing the car with your hands or legs while trying to move forward. (read more)

4. If you were wondering why many of you who “act responsibly”and “do the right thing” for the benefit of your families or communities feel so depressed and joyless, then understand that without passion your actions do not carry the joy that you know you can feel. It is through the energy that you create, while doing the things that fulfi ll you the most, that you make music. (read more)

5. Small Holding cell

It is our intention to help you realize your full potential by guiding you through the mechanism of spirit. From our perspective it is simple. You have two main tools and the rest is a variation on this theme. The first is love, and the second is intent. These two are the vehicle and the fuel. (read more)

6. It is by design that you have been programmed not to trust your feelings. There are those who operate in the shadow of darkness who wish to harness your emotional energy. Th is is very valuable to them. Like you, they use it as energy to propel themselves. You have been diverted to move away from your emotions, to doubt your emotions, to control your emotions, and to learn to re-direct your emotions. These are all campaigns of manipulation to steer you away from your truth. (read more)

7. Earth’s Sister Planet

There are many who wish to block your vision. They spend vast resources to create an environment that diverts you from the true picture. This environment is embedded with frequencies of fear that hold you like an anchor in the harbor so you cannot sail to the open sea. (read more)

8. A Farmer in Northern China

From where we stand, who you are has nothing to do with what you do, how much you have, or your social statues. (read more)

9. We do not distinguish between rich and poor, nor do we relate differently to those who have more social influence, political power, or outer beauty. From the side we are standing on, these are external roles you came to play in order to grow and learn. (read more)

10. From where we stand, there are no arbitrary lessons. All your experiences are planned and executed perfectly for your learning. (read more)

11. The Movie Theater

We want you to know that those daily life scenes you were crying on or laughing at and those scenes that made you cringe or smile are events produced for you in the world of “spirit Hollywood” so you can grow spiritually and evolve. (read more)

12. By discovering the light within you, you pass the test, you change everything. We wish to tell you that your feelings are your tools. Use them appropriately and you will have access to the most powerful treasure on earth: you (read more)

13. The Different ‘Yous’

As you walk in your body contemplating life and going through your day, you have an enormous support group. You have your cells, your higher selves, and then there are others. You may call them angels or guides. They are part of you, yet separated. They are the link between you and your higher you. They also translate some of the messages from your cells, injecting thoughts into you so you may consider alternatives. (read more)

14. When you signed up for the role, a contract was signed. All of the “yous” were there to sign. The contract read that within the sacred mission of coming to earth and living the cycle you call life, your wishes will be honored regardless if they are respectful to your biology, life, or Gaia. Your choices will be honored and respected without judgment. (read more)

15. You are not different at all. You are like us, an angelic energy whose purpose is to become one through creation. (read more)

16. The Magic Manual

There are some of us who wish to read you the instructions as you walk and act. We wish to hold your hands,and we do. But it is you who must want to learn the new skills. It is you who needs to ask for our guidance. There is a universal law on this planet: free choice. Your choice is honored without judgment. If you wish to use the manual, you will find that your life becomes easier, more joyous, and more balanced. (read more)

17. It is your intention that will set you down the correct path. If your intention is to fool yourself, you will indeed do that. You are a master in disguise. You can pretend to be a human, a victim, or the one who is led by circumstances. (read more)

18. The Air That You Breath

You are built to fight for life and to fear death. You are built for survival. It is ironic to us that many of you are in survival mode, trying so hard to stay alive, and at the same time do not honor the life of others and of earth. (read more)

19. Many religions have tried to convince you that you need to be part of the structure to experience love. From our perspective, that is as valid as asking you to pay for the air that you breathe. (read more)

20. Open The Bag

The feeling of loneliness is from the connection to you. You have abandoned yourself. Many of you have followed your costumes and believed in your roles, only to find that the role did not carry substance. Some of you looked elsewhere for the eternal beautiful substance that makes you who you are. Many of you have pursued the wrong treasure or a false one. Th is process was a test. Some of you have followed whatever looked the shiniest and did not look at the brightest jewel of all, the one hiding inside of you. (read more)

21. When you walk feeling lonely, you are in darkness. When you feel not loved, you are in darkness. It is not an evil attribute. It is the attribute of an angel who lost touch with its divinity. Darkness is a cut between you and you. The more you separate from yourself, the darker shade you take. (read more)

22. The mother in law

All the aspects of the “arbitrary people,” who seemingly popped into your life, are aspects of you who came to introduce themselves so you will know more about yourself. (read more)

23. Change In The Final Act

We want to hold your hand so you can slow down. You think that if you move faster, you will get somewhere and can then relax. It as if the hamsters will arrive sooner by spinning on the carousel more quickly. We wish you to enjoy the ride. You have done many of these cycles before, but this one is for the record. (read more)

24. You And Your Body Are Teammates

You and your body are teammates. You share the same goal and you come together to work as one. It is indeed a sacred union that you have with the group that you call your body. Would you treat your teammate with disrespect before an important game? Would you give your teammate the wrong sports shoes to wear before that big game? (read more)

25. When you begin the spiritual process we call ascension, you require energy. The process of ascension has to do with moving away from your karma or your groove and charting a new, magnificent path. (read more)

26. If you feel that something is wrong for you, then it is. Listen to your body, watch it, observe it, and love it like you love your favorite teammate. Your body will respond. It is not the food that makes the greatest difference; it is the intention. As you listen and pay attention, you tell your body that it matters. You renew your vows and let it know that you are committed to your partnership. Your body will respond. (read more)

27. The Pilot Light

The love of spirit is such that even though you feel that there’s only darkness around you, you are still loved. Even when you create darkness in your daily life, the light inside of you is always there waiting for you to choose it. Such is the love of spirit. It is always available to hug you at any moment. (read more)

28. Many of you are so afraid to let go of the “bad” feelings because it feels so familiar. We know who you are. You have ground yourselves for so many lives—smelling the dirt, being abused, being hurt, betrayed, punished, prosecuted, executed that you feel at home with being a victim. (read more)

29. The Old And The New

What used to work in the past will no longer work as well. Th e swirling of energy will not leave anything where it was. Th is energy is the energy of ascension and it is powerful. It takes you upward on a journey that requires trust and fearlessness. (read more)

30. The old energy has to do with the energy of control. It is also the energy of fear. Th e old energy is wrapped in manipulation. Many of the old energy ways have to do with channeling you to do something that does not serve you, so you will not “see” who you are. In the old energy, you had to have everything translated so you could understand true from false. In the new energy, you do not need translations as you will observe that false sounds like false and truth will harmonize with you. (read more)

31. Bread Crumbs On The Forest Floor

GOD is outside your sensory ability. God’s form exists beyond your perception and so you take that perfect circle and you chop it up so it will fi t your reality. You build concepts, names, and ideas; on top of those you build ideologies, structures, hierarchies; at the top of everything you crown GOD as the ruler. (read more)

32. We hug you and we wish to tell you about one of the most important attributes of GOD. GOD is the essence of LOVE. It is the kind of love that never judges, never punishes, and never asks anything from you. It is LOVE and it is there always inside of you waiting to be discovered. (read more)

33. All the good and bad that some may attribute to GOD is your choice; the choice of the God portion of you, which directs your lessons this time around. Th e evil and darkness you encounter in your life is just a manifestation of your free choice. Th is is part of the test you have designed; “with free choice, what will you choose light or dark?” (read more)

34. The Big Boss

When we love you, it is not because of your diamonds or cars or pretty faces. We do not even register that. We see you as pure energy. We see you the way you are, an angel, a piece of God. When we hug you we do not feel your fur coat or your designer outfit. We hug your heart; we embrace your soul. It is the physical costume that we do not register. Th at is our blind spot. We just see what you do with what you have. (read more)

35. There are those who choose not to use sexual energy. From our perspective, it is like using a car but taking out the engine. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy source you possess. The destination is your own choice. Those who choose to remove that energy from their lessons will have to walk rather then use the fast car they have been given. (read more)

36. Like A Marionette

You think that you are being moved like a marionette. Some of you believe that others control your actions regardless of your wishes. When we tell you that you are powerful, it is because you are the creator. The need and ability to create is an innate part of who you are and it is your birthright. When you are without a body on this dimension, all you do is create. (read more)

37. You contain all you need, and you create what you need when you are in the now. When you are walking hand in hand with your breath, feeling your heartbeat, you are powerful. The joy comes from being you with you. (read more)

38. The Crystal Ball

If you could peek into the crystal ball and know your future, it would mean that the future holds the answers and therefore the answers are not held by you. You are the master of your path, always. (read more)

39. As you move, the colors around you change, the geometric forms that you create change, the melody that you create changes, and everything around you responds to the changes in you. As you act, you create a domino effect. You find that love and peace changes the future for you and for the planet. (read more)

40. Even at that time in the desert, you had the power to create abundance. You are powerful in every environment. Your power to create is not dependent on the landscape; it comes from within. As you trust, you manifest trust. When you fear, you manifest fear. As you focus on survival, you will create the circumstances in which survival will be needed. (read more)

41. Opening The Lockbox

As you walk the planet in your biology, even in the darkest places your inner light is showing you the path. You cannot get lost anymore unless you choose to. Th e results of your walk do become apparent as you walk. It is not about the future. Your path is about walking moment by moment in a certain vibration. (read more)

42. There are many of you who fear enablement because you do not want to know. You feel that knowing is too heavy. We say to you with all love that there is no judgment on you whether you choose to see or not. You are loved just the same. We know who you are. Th ere are those of you who opened your lockbox in previous cycles and were burnt at the stake or tortured for carrying your light. You carry within you a cellular fear that activates your survival mode whenever you reach to that box. (read more)

43. There are many who feel that they do not want or are unable to change, and they want to find a way to get off the planet so they can come back more equipped as indigos. There is no judgment, but why would you want to miss the fireworks celebration? This is the most exciting of times on your planet. (read more)

44. Your Brothers And Sisters

The most important step in moving to a higher frequency is self-love. It is not what you call being egocentric. Self-love is void of ego. It is the profound understanding that you are one with the universe and you are made of the essence of love. It is the understanding that all life is connected by invisible strings, and when you hurt other life you are in actuality hurting your self. (read more)

45. The imbalance of the planet manifests in viruses and bacteria. It also manifests in food that has no love essence in it, which actually causes your body to create allergies. It also manifests in destructive forces of nature that attempt to preserve the balance by purging and cleansing parts of itself. It is the same with your body. Cancer is the attribute of a disconnection between you and you. When you understand that you are part of God and you are part of all creation, you have no choice but to love yourself. (read more)

46. Orgasm As A State Of Being

Through orgasm you reach into hyperspace for a moment and you experience the melting of all the yous into one. It is as if all of the yous that are playing their part have been spiraled into one vessel. It is from our perspective the highest vibration you can reach with your current awareness. It is why we love you and urge you to make peace with yourself and make peace with your body—to love yourself and honor your body, so you and your body can co-create the spiral of ascension. (read more)

47. You have been programmed to limit this vibration to your genitals, thereby reducing the power of it to mere seconds. The orgasm is a state of being. It is a vibration that your cells were meant to experience for a prolonged period of time. You are enabled to carry this vibration as you walk on your street and we can assure you that you will be smiling. (read more)

48. The Race

At times you feel that you are living in a race of sorts for time. In order to win the race, you must achieve those things that your culture tells you that you should have. It is when you achieve all that you have been sold on, that you discover the real story. You discover that you are no better than you were before you had all these things. (read more)

49. Your story is much vaster than the one you have been sold on. You came here to transform your planet and the universe, and instead you spend your energy trying to live up to an image that is based on what you wear, where you work, how you look, and how much you make. Does that sound divine to you? (read more)

50. I Want To Go Back

You are vibrating instruments. To yourselves, you appear solid, but to us you are a vibration. We see you in terms of your colors, we see you in term of your light, we see you in terms of the shapes that surround you, and we can hear your melody. You are a giant orchestra and pyrotechnic display, combined. You are beautiful to us; you are magnificent in every way. (read more)

51. You come and go and each time you choose the most appropriate costume to fi t your lesson. Th ere are no mistakes. You put great effort into choosing the right outfit. Way more effort goes into choosing your body than all the time you have been choosing clothes to fi t your body. (read more)

52. You Are Transparent

It is the mastery of communication that will change the way you talk to one another. We see it between couples. One speaks one thing, and the other hears something completely different. It is because one speaks words and the other “hears” the vibrations. (read more)

53. Things are changing, and you need to become one with you. When your vibration is split from your expression, when you do one thing but mean another, you cause splitting in yourself. You send the message of splitting to your cells, and they respond to your vibration and express it as disease. (read more)

54. There will be a time, not in the far future, when you may be tested. You will be shown a frequency meant to freeze you and send you to hide your light in the corner. It is then that you will need to use all of your power of discretion to separate truth from falsehood not based on the reports from the news, but on the reports from between your eyebrows. (read more)

55. Sacred Heritage

You have a body; your body is an instrument. It does things for you. It serves you. At times, as we look at you, we feel that you serve your body instead of asking your body to serve you. Your body is your sacred heritage. It is your most precious gift. Without it, you cannot exercise your lesson on the planet. Some of you are surprised, then, when your body fails you. (read more)

56. Did you know that your cells sing? Yes, they have a tone that can be harmonious or disharmonious. When your cells sing songs out of tune, you may take on cancer as a manifestation of the discord. You are the most evolved species on this planet and yet you are the only one that knowingly and intentionally self-destructs. (read more)

57. When you place the chickens in a darkened room with bad air and no place to move around, inject them with growth hormones, antibiotics, and bad food and still expect them to give you food that will support your biology, you are deluding yourselves. They are just honoring your choice and giving you back what you ask them to give you. (read more)

58. Love It Is Then

The love force, as we call it, has the power to create suns and stars. It is even in what you call a black hole. It is the context of matter and antimatter. Most importantly to you, it surges in your veins. Your cells, each and every one, carry that thing you call love. (read more)

59. When you are in love, the substance that your glands secrete actually opens a door, which inter-dimensionally is a vortex that connects you to that love force of which you become part. When you are “in love,” you are feeling the vibration that is most prevalent in the universe and in creation. (read more)

60. Dark and Light

Darkness is not represented by the seemingly “bad” things that happen in your life. Th ose “things” are part of your lesson. They are either karmic setups or the choices you have made to facilitate your own growth. Those actual events in your life that you see as negative, terrible, horrific, and sad are not darkness. It is the response to those events that represent either light or dark. (read more)

61. All souls who committed the most heinous crime knew of their appointments. It is in the synchronicity of events in which one lesson and one karma intersect and manifest to create learning on both sides. Both the victim and the perpetrator in all violent crimes, as arbitrary as they may seem, were there by appointment. Your life planning is precious and sacred. Your journey is followed by many of us who are waiting for you to reach out and ask for guidance. Do you think then that people would just drop dead and for some reason that was not planned? (read more)

62. Get Out Of Bed

We wish to tell you that storms will come, as it is part of the shifting of energy. The new replaces the old. When the transition takes place one must leave so the other can move in its place. There will be a lot of movement. It is spiritual and it is appropriate. We wish to tell you how to recognize that you are indeed the one who was assigned a lighthouse. (read more)

63. When those things that happen in the world seem scary, know deep inside that you were built for this mission. You are a lighthouse and you are powerful. Th is is why you came here at this time and no storm can hurt you. This is when you will feel that you are full. You will know that you are in the right place at the right time. Th ere will be no more questions. Do you ever want to miss such an honor? (read more)

64. Heavy Or Light

It is by the weight of things that you can measure their energy and their meaning for you. When something feels heavy, it means that it pulls energy away from you; therefore, it may have a negative implication on your life. When you feel light, it means that you are receiving energy and that is a sign that you are in the positive. (read more)

65. Do not judge the others as each one of you is on a different path and, therefore, what you call your “truth” may differ. At times, two angels will use two directly opposite approaches to reach the same treasure. Do not judge your friends, for what is good for them may not be good for you and vice versa. (read more)

66. From our perspective, truth is not linear or singular. On a spiritual path there are as many truths as there are angels. One of the attributes of the new energy is that you must learn to honor each other’s belief systems, traditions, and words. Those traditions are about intent and about you. It does not matter if you use this prayer or that prayer. It does not matter if you chant this mantra or that mantra. It is about you connecting with you. (read more)

67. Wait a Minute

Often it is the opposite: By asking and receiving that which does not serve your path, you go backward and find that the more you have the less you feel. The more you acquire, the less you have time to enjoy. The more you have, the more separated from your family and people you become. The more you have, the less happy you become. You asked for more and more, and because you are the creator of your reality, that which you ask for will manifest. (read more)

68. You are the creator. If you believe that you can only create something small, that is exactly what you will manifest. How about asking to be shown the way to your highest potential and to your most glorious path and forgo the specifics? How about trusting that the universe knows your highest potential? (p191)

69. We are in love with you and we wish to tell you that you can only co-create with spirit for which you have intended. When you ask for our hand, know that you will be shown the way, as your higher-self begins to change the plans and to coordinate new plans which will serve your life the best and lead you to your highest potential.When your life changes, do not say, Wait a minute! I just wanted the rent to be paid, but I do not want to change my life for that. (p192)

70. The Traffic Jam

You think that things just happen. Well, next time we ask that you celebrate that which is seemingly a coincidence, because so much planning goes into it. All day long you are being directed. You call these things accidents or coincidences. You get frustrated when you are stuck is traffic. You curse often when the place that you intended to go to closed just as you arrived. We love you and we know who you are. You are an angel walking blindfolded, thinking that everything around you just happens. Next time, when you are in traffic and your car is not moving, why don’t you celebrate it? (read more)

71. The mechanics of your guide’s messages move from light to heavy and from the subtle to the gross. It is when you do not react to the subtle message that the follow-up is heavier, and so it goes. When you get a painful message, you may want to look back and examine the signs that were there, but you missed them because you were too busy moving around. (read more)

72. A Fish Riding A Bicycle

There is a greater story out there. Th e story is in the circle. You are always searching for answers. Many of the answers are in front of you. Most of you can’t see them because you look in straight lines, but the answers are in the circle. It is the story of the three-dimensional reality versus the multidimensional reality. Explaining multidimensional reality to a human is like explaining to a fi sh how to ride a bicycle. It is a diff erent reality; so much so, that the only way for us to describe it is through metaphors. Although metaphors do not tell the real story, they convey the feeling. (read more)

73. You are on the eve of a new era. It is you who chose to vibrate higher and change your future. Your future was a probability, and you have chosen a different probability, a truly grand one, and you are on track to graduate. We wish to impart to you that your time, as you know it, is collapsing. You are experiencing an acceleration of time as you know it. What it means is that various dimensions are colliding and you will begin to experience multiple realities simultaneously. (read more)

74. It is a choice and we must tell you that there are those who wish to stay with the reality of the old. They may not experience the shift and collapse of time the way you do. They might experience fear and create a reality very different from the one we are describing. As dimensions collapse into each other, there may be more than one reality on the playing field. One reality can be called heaven, and the other may be called hell. One may experience despair and the other bliss. Both will be on earth in their bodies in this dimension and both will experience that which they choose. Their experiences, however, will be very different. (read more)

75. The Cell Phone

We know that it is not easy to be an old soul engaged in the new reality amidst younger souls engaged in the old reality. They do not question anything, because they are just excited to be around. They seem like they are having fun. A nagging feeling, however, weighs on you and keeps you awake at night. You know something profound is going on, so you do not understand how everyone around you sleeps like logs while you twist and turn. You wonder often about your sanity. Sometimes you even hear voices and you are not sure who it is talking to you. You turn to the left and you turn to the right, and there is no one. Th en you think to yourself, I hope no one noticed. (read more)

76. You think you are the only one, but there are many of you old souls working the trenches in places where the light is very dim. Th ey are doing what you are doing. They are acting as vessels to channel the frequency that allows the spiritual attributes of the planet to change. You are doing inter-dimensional work by keeping your light on. It is a sacred work and you have a group the watches you and supportsyou day and night. (read more)

77. We know that you are tired. We wish to tell you that this is your battle. You are in the midst of it. Your mission, as a light warrior, is to hold your light. Your mission is to find peace inside of you despite the turmoil that is all around you. Do you see why you need to be with people and not in the mountains? Th e mountains do not need your light; other humans need it. Th is is how you change the planet: one drop at a time. Who do you think will do the job, GOD? We love you and we wish to tell you that GOD it is. (read more)

78. There Has Never Been A Better Time

As time moves faster, you must learn to slow down so you will stay in balance. Your biological clock will be ticking at the same rate, but your perception will be that you are slowing down. It is because everything around you will move faster. We know it is confusing, but you are about to enter a confusing time in which your logical mind will be stretched and challenged. (read more)

79. Many of you fear the feeling of lightness. You fear being happy because you suspect it. If you are happy, something will go wrong and will show you that it was just temporary. Many of you carry memories of times in past cycles when you were happy and then everything changed and the happiness was taken away from you. So many of you hold back on your lives because the thought of experiencing happiness terrifies you. As long as you feel in a slump, you know where you are and feel comfortable with it. (read more)

80. We wish you to tell yourself that the time is now. There is no tomorrow, only the now. Do not wait for the opportunity in the future. Many of you give yourselves excuses for why it is difficult to move away from heaviness. It is true that gravity pulls you down stronger the heavier you are. We ask you to become lighter so when you laugh, you really mean it, and when you tell your friends, I am happy, you really mean it. When you find the time to feel, it means that you stepped off the treadmill. (read more)

81. Not So Pretty

Light shows you all aspects of you. Part of these aspects are what you call positive and part is what you may consider negative. All of you carry that duality. Light has no judgment and it does not give you marks if you are good or bad. It shows you exactly what you are. You are asked at this time is to embrace both. (read more)

82. The bad is a continuum of the good. Your journey is progressing within the spectrum of the same color. Most of you are not all “good” and not all “bad.” It is the learning that you came here to do. We ask you to stop judging yourselves and start loving yourselves. (read more)

83. You cannot say, I love my head but I hate my knees. It is you and you must take the whole package. Do not say, I was bad and now I am good. Say, I am an angel and I have divinity. The divinity was hidden before and now it is revealed. It was however always with me. It is now my intent to activate it in my life. (read more)

84. What Do Angels DO?

Some of us tend to be the creative artists. There are those among us who are masters of creation of biological forms on earth and elsewhere. We use energy in a precise way to create new ways for biological forms to develop and adapt. You call this process nature or evolution. We love you and we wish to tell you that we are part of that energy you call nature and evolution. It is not a blind process, but a process with consciousness. (read more)

85. Changing Of Guards

Many of you fear change. We know who you are. Before you come into your biology, you are eternal. Soon after coming into a body you forget your eternity and you worry about the changes. You are not used to change, because where you come from, you do not age. In biology, as soon as you get used to your face and body and become comfortable with yourself, you grow different. Time is a trickster and does not let you rely on physical appearance for your happiness. We know some of you who are in an advanced age and feel and act like teenagers. (read more)

86. Your fear of aging speeds up the aging process. When you acknowledge the limitation of your physical body and try to make it look the same as it was when you were a teenager, it is like keeping a good wine from aging. Since you only get better with age, why would you want to miss this process by trying to stay at the level you were in as a teenager? (read more)

87. Shadowed Light

When a human plants a seed of enlightenment, all around will begin to see the light. Light does not have an agenda. Light does not try to convince anyone of its attribute. Light just reveals what is there. (read more)

88. We understand that you are built for survival, and some of you wish to maintain aspects of yourselves although it does not benefit you. Th e planet’s energy is changing and that which is hidden must be revealed and exposed. It is your light that makes this happen. You will find those who operate with shadow very protective. They set up systems so that the light will not get too close. (read more)

89. Let us say that someone from an institution tells you that if you don’t do something, then you will not be granted salvation by GOD. Th is assertion is an example of shadow.Shadow will often be expressed from a source of fear and from an intention of instilling fear. Light, though, operates through choice and love. Whenever you are told that you must do something or the repercussion from spirit will be harsh, it is a shadow of fear that you are seeing. (read more)

90. The Magician Physical matter responds to the level of commitment that you invest in an idea. This commitment’s intensity moves and translates energy into a miracle. Although in our reality all is vibration where miracles, as you call them, happen all the time, in your reality you made a commitment to linearity and reason, so whenever you desire that which does not comply with your linear thinking, you dismiss it as impossible. The molecules are aware of the intensity of your belief and the vibration arranges itself to fit your limitation.(read more)

91. We ask you to not hurry to accept that which the grownups or your institutions and governments tell you. You are the one who came to this beautiful planet to change that which you have been told cannot be changed. It is your belief in peace on earth that will bring miracle after miracle. We ask you to become childlike. (read more)

92. With all love, we ask you to go back to that magical place in your heart. Dust the old books about fairies and fantasies. Remember how it made you feel as a child. Nowas you sit down on the floor, candle in front of you, apply this magic to the planet. The planet needs you at any age and you are loved no matter what you do. (read more)

93. Short Silence

We wish to impart to you, however, that those who walk in darkness beside you, while you walk in the sun, are part of your contract. If you choose not see the sun just so you can get closer to them, you are dishonoring them and your own path. (read more)

94. Your Lovers

Many in your culture hold the belief that the soul enters the womb earlier. It is indeed correct that the soul enters the womb well before birth, but it travels back and forth. The soul enters the fetus before birth so it could harmonize with and adjust to the undeveloped brain. The soul contains a large energy field that is all-knowing, and the brain of a fetus is very primitive and constricted. It takes some tweaking and getting comfortable for this large energy to create the connection with the brain and allow the two frequencies to join and harmonize. It is not an easy task but you all did it. (read more)

95. Dracula

When there is no light, you cannot see, but your imagination works. There are those who create images in the dark. Th ey do not see, because light is absent, but theirability to create remains. They are your brothers and sisters and they are divine like you. Like you they are family and they have the signature of GOD running in their veins.They are loved by spirit just like you. They are the ones who come, life after life, to be the balance of darkness in your planet of free choice. (read more)

96. You are part of the energy of the planet and your biology represents the macro of the planet. Th e planet represents the macro of the universe. Each part represents the infinite in small scale. For you to truly battle the light and dark inside of you, the planet needs to maintain that balance, and so does the universe. The dark is a part of you as much as the light. It is the energy that makes you who you are, walking in duality in lesson. (read more)

97. The Messengers

Have you ever had a stranger come to you and tell you something that did not make sense at the moment, but you could not get it out of your mind? Have you ever had someone sit beside you at the bus or train and start talking to you? Curiously, what came out of their mouth was exactly what you needed to hear at that moment. Suddenly thatmessenger is no longer sitting beside you and you realize that you did not even ask them for their name. We wish to introduce you to “the messengers.” Th ey are all around you. (read more)

98. We wish you to start listening to those messages. They come from spirit and they are designed to give you a hand and direct you through your journey. We see many of you who dismiss these messages as curious or as coincidences. We ask you not to dismiss anything as coincidence. At times, the angels work the night shift so they can play the right song on the radio that gives you a feeling. That feeling may be the key to a resolution for a question that you have been having in your relationships. (read more)

99. The Tapestry

You are here to discover who you are and to learn about the divinity inside of you. Some of you choose to discover it through one type of lesson and yet others choose to discover it through another. Th e role you play changes very quickly. You come and already you have to go back. Only when you are of advanced age do you realize how quickly it all happened.From the perspective of the past, you come closer to the perspective of spirit. From the perspective of age, you see the circle in greater clarity. (read more)

100. You are here to learn about energy from all possible angles. There is never a judgment on how you use your energy. However, the law of karma is very literal. It is oneto one. When you play the game just so you can have the trophy, you miss the point altogether. It is the manner in whih you play that scores points recorded on the eternalscoreboard you call your higher self. (p296)

101. Candle in a Dark Room

Those who remember more and who are awakened are responsible to turn the light on for those who are in darkness. When you are in a group standing in a room and all of you are holding a candle in your hands, when another person joins the group also holding a candle, the amount of light added is quite small and insignificant. Now have the same person enter a room that is full of people, but none of them is holding a candle, and you experience the whole room transform and all those in the room can see. (read more)

102. You come with another angel through contract. Both of you sign with a golden pen to work through the issues and challenges, using love. As you move through the layers, you must face many other emotions, such as anger, hate, jealousy, resentment, etc. You work through these other layers in order to clear them so you can eventually connect through love. The value of the relationships lies in the emotions. Your emotions are the fuel that propels you forward. If there is very little emotional energy exchange, you may not be able to move anywhere. (read more)

103. The Runway

Time is your teacher, because it serves as a hint to the fact that you are not your body. As you grow old, many of you still feel young and many of you do not match inside what they see in the mirror. You are eternal and time is designed to give you clues to your eternity. You are born and within a short period of time you reach old age. That span of time is your runway. Your greatest, most profound life portion is in the end portion of the runway, where you hopefully gathered enough speed so that your wings take flight. (read more)

104. Time is your friend, as it keeps you in an environment that is ever-changing, so you can learn, at every moment, about you. It is as if you are standing in a room and a lamp is lighting you from one side. That side is your youth. As you turn around slowly, the lamp illuminates a different aspect of you. Why would you not want to see one aspect and care only for the other? All aspects of you are beautiful and sacred. (read more)

105. Drinking Nectar

You did not come here at this time to be lying in your hammocks, drinking the nectar of heaven. You are the transformers of energy. You are built to bring light to where it is dark. You are the one who trained for this time and dreamt of the opportunity to be here when it all happens. Those of you who are hearing these messages, we ask you to please remember who you are and wake up, because you are the warriors of light. Do you think that you came here to rest? We have news for you. (read more)

106. You are beautiful and for you to feel the magnificence of you, you must be willing to change. You must be willing to let go of all the darkness, so you can begin to shine your light. You have been sold on many things and those things act as a blanket that obscures your light. You must be ready to change and remove all the layers that keep your light from shining. (read more)

107. There is never a judgment, as you are on a journey of learning the diff erent aspects of yourself. Th ose aspects are at times diffi cult and you must come to peace with them as well. We tell you over and over that the one most important attribute on this path is to love yourself, as you are parts and pieces of GOD walking in duality. When you use love with all of your diff erent aspects, your divinity is revealed and you take the hand of spirit and walk the path that you intended to walk. (read more)


The angels tell us that earth is going through a monumental shift. Our collective consciousness is going through a vibrational shift as if we were attuned to one radio station and the dial were turning another. Much of what we assume to be true today is about to change. All of us are about to transform as well,and the angels ask us to get ready.