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Conversations With Angels

Volume II _ And So Be it.

In the year since finishing the first book of messages, I realized that the writings illuminated the physical, emotional and spiritual journey that we all are facing at this moment as individuals and as a society. These messages are not about blissfully meditating in an ashram. These teachings are not about how much you know and how much of your spiritual teachings and Mantras you retain. The angels’ messages are about surrendering and understanding that the only real power we have is love. The way to link to this power of love is by using our tools of intention and trust.

Message Guide volume II

You are magnificent and we see you as geometric patterns moving about; these messages correspondence to your geometry and each message links to a moment in time in the cycle you call human life. We ask you to read this book like a recipe book. When you crave a certain type of food, look through the message guide below and pick the one that seems the most appetizing. Use your feeling and allow the correct message to present itself. Be playful and allow that which comes from the circle to celebrate with you the shifting of you and the planet. Trust that you read what you need to know for this very moment. Read the messages often and each time you read a new layer will be revealed to you. We will be with you each time you pick up the book working and facilitating healing your growth and expansion.. The book has the spirit of the circle and is not meant to be read in a linear fashion. You are changing and the planet is changing. Your vibration is increasing and the molecules around you dance differently then they used to. 

1.  The Blind

What you do for yourself is what is changing the planet. You are not asked to evangelize or bring information to those who walk in darkness. You are asked to take care of yourself. You are the one who activates yourself. Your activation is what transforms your reality. When you are transformed, you radiate energy that goes into the soil of the planet. That energy is what circulates and becomes light. This is the light that becomes available to those who walk in the dark. (read more)

2. The Fishing Boat

It is as if you are on a fishing boat at sea and you have a radio which can warn you when a storm is coming. Your radio, however, is tuned to the old station and no communication is coming through. When your radio is not tuned to the new station, you do not get the advance warning about upcoming events in your life. You have no idea what direction the storms are coming from and where to hide to avoid them. You have no idea when the surf will start to surge and when it will end. You do not know the best places to seek shelter while the storm is creating havoc all around you. You are constantly surprised and you are standing around, waiting for whatever comes, without the knowledge or guidance to know what to do to protect yourself. (read more)

3. The Spinning Wheel

The faster you run the faster the wheel spins. We wish to tell you in all love that even when you spin very fast you are still at the same place you were when you spun slow. Only when you get off the spinning wheel and walk beside it, do you know that you are progressing. (read more)

4. The Dance 

What does it mean to have a relationship with your angels? Who they are? What do they look like?

There are those of you who say do we have proof that indeed we are not crazy? 

We know who you are and we know what some of you think to yourselves before going to sleep. You look at the mirror and say I am talking to invisible angels and I hear invisible angels talking to me without sound. I can hear their melody without music, and I can hear their laugh although it is totally quiet. I have probably gone mad and should check myself into a clinic. (read more)

5. Snow Flakes

The universe is vast and it is teaming with life. Conscious life is everywhere whether your scientists see it or not. Life in all systems is fueled and created by consciousness. We wish to tell you that you are part of that consciousness which created all the universes in all dimensions and realities. We know who you are, and to many of you, from your place of duality, it is unfathomable that you are the creator, but you are. Not only are you the creator, but you are part of the one system. This system would not be complete even with one of you not a part of it. This is why you are eternal. You are part of this great puzzle and the picture is incomplete without your piece. (read more)

6. Transparency

We wish to impart to you that spirit speaks to you through transparency. Transparency is the language by which information is delivered to you and is one of the forces that you cannot see, but it shapes your life. To many, a traumatic event that comes seemingly from nowhere is tagged as “bad luck” or an “accident.” Many of you do not see the transparent threads of karmic settlements which create a shift in your lives. You find reasons for disease, and you find reasons for accidents. You form an investigation to look into why this happened and that happened. Then you find out that the brakes were to blame, or the other vehicle was to blame. We wish to tell you that as you are searching for the mechanics of your life, the real forces that shape your life are not mechanical, they are spirit based. (read more)

7. The Drama Class

You may say, “The pain that I suffered cannot be coming from love, and the pitfall that I experienced could only come from the darkness.” We wish to tell you that the only darkness that is falling upon you is that which is already inside of you. There is no evil anything that is trying to hurt you for the sake of hurting you. There is no evil mastermind that is lurking at the corner to toy with angels on this planet. There is you and your karma. There are choices that you made and contracts that you signed in order to bring you closer to your true divinity. You choose to put plus or minus signs on your experiences. You choose to attach labels such as negative or positive. From the perspective of spirit, there is no negative. (read more

8. Your Radio Station 

We wish to tell you that it is not necessary to connect with spirit through any given text or ritual. You do not even need to speak. You do not need a temple, a book, an icon, a prayer shawl, or beads. In fact all you need to connect is your intention. Your intention can be expressed in one thought: “Dear Spirit, I wish to connect to the divinity inside me.” That’s who spirit is. It is not outside of you and you do not need tools to connect to yourself. All you are doing is tuning into a radio station that is playing the frequency of divinity inside of you. Many of you believe that spirit comes from above or from some entity that carries a special energy which facilitates their life. With all love, we wish to tell you that spirit is in your biology. It is part of you. It is embedded in every single cell of your body. (read more)

9. Walk in the Park 

We wish to tell you that you are coming into a time when the truth will be exposed both in its ugliness and splendor. As the light shines brighter, more and more of what was hidden will be transformed. Before it can be transformed it must be exposed. We ask you to be prepared and know who you are and what your purpose is when you hear in the news things which may be most disturbing to you. There are many who are trying to manipulate you into fear. They know that by incorporating fear into your daily life you will be weaker and more easily manipulated. Your reality is built on layers. There is no reality per se that is one for all. Your reality is created by angels walking in duality. Your combined thoughts create the general reality which you live by in your daily lives. Each of you creates their own individual reality based on their personal idea of who they are. There are those who benefit from you being in a reality where you experience fear and control. They benefit because they channel your emotional energy in a way that feeds their greed and power. (read more)

10. Golden Bridge

You are coming into a time that is different than any other time humanity has seen and experienced before. You are actually changing the molecules and atoms which create your physical world. You are manifesting interdimensional DNA that has been dormant for eons. You are creating links in the neurons of your brain that have been inactive since the time of Lemuria. We wish to tell you with love that you are becoming the golden bridge and your biology is responding to your intent. We ask you to honor what is unfolding and not resist it. As you create the bridge, you begin to experience new vistas that are not in your dictionaries and encyclopedias. (read more)

11. Universal Symphony

When we see you moving about, we see a magnificent display of light, colors, and melody swirling and moving. Your emotions are the most powerful tools you carry and as you experience your emotions, your whole form, and melody and colors change. When you experience love your colors intensify and harmonize with the pulse of the universe. As you vibrate with love, you become a member of the universal symphony. When you feel anger or hate, jealousy or fear, your vibration and melody moves away from the universal frequency of love and you are in discord with the universal vibration. There is never a judgment on how you feel. You are built having the capacity to experience heaven and hell, light and darkness, joy and anger. They are all in you as potentials. It is your choice to play the tune in line with the universal accord or play the tune of discord. You are the musician and your musical tools are neutral. Each one of you comes with the capacity to play the tunes of the entire spectrum. (read more)

12. Your Children

Your children in their early years are a pure conduit to spirit and through them you may link to spirit as well. They represent a key doorway to the vibration of love out of the many doorways open for you on your journey. You must however be connected to them. When you really listen to their messages, you have one of the most profound fountains of wisdom on earth coming out of a seemingly blabbering mouth of a three year old. Your children are your teachers and they chose you so they could teach you about you. They teach you by asking you to teach them. When you teach them you learn about you. Again it is the circle. That is how spirit works and the dynamic of your interaction with your child is one of the most sacred contracts that you carry. Your children are angels like you, but they are in a costume of a young body. Many of them at this time have been on earth for millennia and are from the “old soul’s tribe.” They were here when earth was formed and they have come back to see it through graduation. Your children are the ones who carry the burden of teaching you about you. Many of them get frustrated with you because you do not listen. (read more)

13. Child Name Ego 

Ego has its own geometry and its own melody as it is a part of you that is the physical manifestation of your expression on earth. When we tell you that you are a group, we mean that part of you is your ego and another part is what you named your soul. When we tell you that you are one we mean that the soul and the ego are part of the foundation of who you are and therefore they both need to take part in your journey. Like flavored water, although it is made out of hydrogen, oxygen, maybe some sugar, coloring and other ingredients you experience it as flavored water. You do not experience the separate components. It is the same with you and your ego. Ego can never be destroyed as some of your ancient traditions ask you to believe. Ego tells you about you when you look at the mirror. It reflects back to you your face which is not your eternal face but your physical face, in this expression, at this time, on earth. If you wish to destroy that which is your physical expression you must also destroy the physical vehicle which carries the ego. (read more

14. Black Hole

We wish to tell you that fear has been used since the beginnings of humanity to control its progress. It was the fearless ones who allowed humanity to progress on the spiritual path. We wish to tell you that fear is the most effective of all methods to absorb light- energy and dim it. Fear can be compared to what your scientists call a black hole. Although their understanding of black holes is incomplete, one of its attributes is that it absorbs light, swallowing and trapping it. It emits practically no light as the gravity of the black hole pulls all energy into itself. With love we wish to tell you that the system of fear was developed to control and channel the energy of humanity so those in power can benefit. (read more

15. Favorite Song

None of your religions have an actual physical story that is truer than the other. They are all colored and tainted and brought to you from a frequency that is connected to the human spiritual journey on this planet. Certain religions began when it was time for a certain tune to be played out so humans could climb the next step towards their understanding of themselves and their relationship to God. We love you and we wish to impart to you that your journey represents one consciousness exploring its own multi-faceted aspects. Your religions are one way to help you discover who you are. Each religion or faith represents a new frequency introduced to the physical plane at a specific point in time, which answers a need for growth or diversity in the human psyche and its quest for answers. When you say that your religion is truer than another religion it is as if you claimed that the song you like is more beautiful than the song that your brother or sister likes. (read more

16. Brush Strokes

When you create your reality it is the gratitude which is the signature on the canvas of your creation. Many of you attach a negative or positive symbol to the various brush strokes that make your painting. From the perspective of spirit, your different brush strokes represent different phases of you and different aspects of your development. None is more valued then the other. The value that is placed on your creation is based on your attitude. When you are in an attitude of gratitude your creation is priceless. When you are in the attitude of victimhood your creation is worthless. It is worthless because you have not put the pieces together so the lesson was not digested. It is as if you went to class but slept through the whole thing. (read more

17. The Disco Ball  

Many of you seekers have been advocates of the truth throughout your many expressions and at times you got in trouble for seeking the truth. In your history on this planet, religious institutions, governments and your society has brought much darkness by coercing their constituents to accept their doctrine in the name of truth. There are those of you who pushed the envelope of what you call reality and redefined it in the name of truth. Truth is something many of you are concerned with as you follow the highest spiritual path. We wish to tell you as we hug you that truth is like a disco ball. It is, metaphorically speaking, like a round object with mirrors glued on to it. The disco ball has small mirrors which reflect light or truth from all sides. As you shine the light from one side it reflects to you one truth and as you shine your light from the other side it reflects another truth, both valid and appropriate. (read more

18. The Fashion Designer

What does it mean to love oneself, some may ask? We thought you would never ask. Loving yourself means to hold sacred all that you are from all directions. Loving yourself is to accept you and to truly honor the gift of life and all that it entails. To love yourself is to love your body as it is a divine instrument that you have been given to hold your energy while on earth. To love yourself means to not love only your head and to negate the rest of the body. You must be in peace and harmony with all your parts. You must become peaceful with your sexuality and your sex organs and honor those parts that give you pleasure and hold no guilt or shame about your body. Your body is a vibrating instrument and when you hold the energy of shame or guilt it is as if you are trying to play a concerto with a damaged instrument. You must learn to love all that you are. You must learn to forgive yourself for the things that you have done that you deem “negative”. Loving yourself is the most powerful attribute of a light warrior. You cannot have compassion for others before you master compassion for the self. You cannot learn to love another before you have learned to love yourself. This whole aim of this journey is to teach “you” about “you.” All that you experience is here to teach you about yourself. When you go out of yourself to give to others while neglecting to clear out the self first, it is as if you were a fashion designer who tried to market their designs while walking dressed up in rugs—neither very convincing nor effective. (read more

19. Welcome Home

You fear the transition of death, but this transition from our perspective is the same transition that you experience every night when you go to sleep. You are surrendering your consciousness so it is free to wander in other dimensions and realities, and when you wake up you pick up your consciousness where you left off. Death is very much the same process as going to sleep. Are you fearful of going to sleep? When you go to sleep, you do so in the awareness that another morning is coming where you will be awakened and continue the journey you call life. It is the same with death. When you go to sleep you know that even though you leave your body it is only so that you can wake up in a new body and continue the journey you call life. It is not a fearful event. (read more)

20. Hot and Cold 

As you move to a place of higher vibration, you will feel the additional enhancement of energy as heat or inner vibration. It is as if your body acts as a heated tuning-fork. The energy feels like bubbles moving outwardly from within. We wish to impart to you that when you choose to connect and sense coldness, this sensation means from our perspective that you are not connecting to the realm of spirit. When you sense fear or imbalance of any sort, you may be connecting to energy, but that energy may be depleting you rather then enhancing you. Your intent is your direct dial to the realm of spirit, and when you set up that area code you will reach the right place. The higher part of you which is also a part of God is a place of peace and balance. Its attribute of heat is nurturing and never threatening. It is never cold as it has balance and love emanating from it. (read more)

21. The Sleeping Conductor

There are those in the universe who search for those who do not occupy their body fully and “volunteer” to “help” by filling up the vacancy. It is as if they were driving a car and handed over the steering wheel and the pedals to another so they could drive the car for them. Then they moved to the back seat and faded into the background observing the scenery. From our perspective, although they have made the choice to let go steering their vessel, it is still their ultimate responsibility. Why would we give up the driving of our vehicle, some may ask? Some of you feel that giving up the driving frees you from responsibility and difficulty. From our perspective you are not moving forward and you are just delaying your learning. If you choose to not take responsibility for your circumstances you will face similar ones in future expressions. There is no way to avoid your lessons; you can only delay them as your free choice is honored. (read more

22. The Joy Ride

We wish to impart to you that you are on a grand joy ride, and in the amusement park you call life you face many scary visions. We wish you to find the place in you that is always in equilibrium and which holds the intention for the highest potential in your life. Intention is your light as it illuminates the path that you intend. Intention must be set with your heart and not with your mind. Intention is the key as it creates the reality that you experience and the rest falls into place. Once you set up an intention you must trust that you will be guided. It is not helpful to go all the way just to turn around at the end, not trusting that you were led correctly. We wish you to climb the train in this amusement park and tell yourself that you want the track that will lead you to the highest spiritual path, then trust the path and enjoy the ride. (read more)

23. The Chicks

With all love we wish to tell you that a chick flaps its wings and the air acts in resistance to the movement of the wings so the “resistance” actually pushes the body of the chick up thereby assisting it defying the forces of gravity. So it is with you, your close circle acts as the air and their resistance is what helps you to learn to fly. You must use their resistance so you can learn to defy the forces of gravity and take flight. Again it is counter intuitive but it is the way it works. When a chick flaps its wings it is for the purpose of learning the force of the air resistance. It must learn to use the resistance so it can soar above it. This is precisely what we ask you to practice. If you choose to move yourself from relationships because of resistance and seeming incompatibility you are wasting precious time. It is part of your process. (read more

24. Fame and Fortune

Your actions are not measured by the amount of people who know about them or whether it was reported in the news. The importance of your actions and thoughts are never measured from the human-impact perspective. You are an angel and as such your actions are measured in the realm of heaven not earth. Earth is your stage and heaven is your home. You are an angel who volunteered to come down to play a part that is grand. Part of the role you play is forgetting who you are and trying to rediscover your true identity. We see many of you trying to gain fame and fortune in order to feel more significant and important. We wish to tell you with all love that you do not have to work hard to gain these things. In our realm everyone knows who you are and you are part of the most glorious and grand energy in the universe. Your effort is not only redundant but it is often misdirected. (read more)

25. Angel in Designer Shoes and Tuxedo 

We wish to tell you from our perspective how one angel dressed up in designer shoes and a tuxedo falls in love with another angel who wears a long dress at the prom. We wish to speak with you about the mechanics of humans who pair in order to learn about themselves. Each one of you has a pair who is your polarity and it is magnetic, biological, and spiritual combined. You were built to look for a mate as you carry either a masculine or feminine polarity and to find balance you seek the one who balances you and it is by design and appropriate. You may seek the same gender but the polarity still exists. One will represent the male and the other the female. As in your magnets the attraction stems from the tension that is created by each side carrying the opposite charge which then creates electromagnetic polarity. Where there is no polarity the attraction will be weak. Your biology and science tells you that you are attracted to the one who best represents the continuation of your genetic pool and you seek the one who will be most suited to produce babies that will survive and strive. You are told by your scientists that you are like animals looking for a certain set criteria to hook with the one who can continue you gene pool, protect and support you. The lioness will pair with the lion that defeats the other lions, and the female gorilla will pair with the largest and most powerful gorilla that pushes away the competitors and claims its territory. From our perspective this is just a small part of the story. (read more

26. 2012 Time Warp

2012 is just a marker when the new energy will begin to take hold and the shift of consciousness and dimensions will become more apparent. It will mark a shift where the babies that are being born will come with enhanced biology that will enable them to communicate with us more easily. The vortexes to what you call “alien life” that you have been searching for will open up. It will be a grand event when “aliens” will land on your front porch and introduce themselves to you. Many of you will be surprised to discover that they are very much like you. You will then realize that they have been with you observing and interacting with you all along. They will not manifest themselves to you before your vibration reaches a certain level but you are approaching that level. Your year of 2012 is the marker for these changes.  Are we to fear the events that will be forthcoming, some may still wonder? Fear will be a choice that many of those who are in darkness will select and it will create a further distance between the old energy and the new. Fear will be used by the dark to keep its hold. Those who choose to experience fear could have a challenging time with the upcoming shifts. We ask you to know that there is nothing to fear, as you are masters of your own reality. Nothing that you will undergo can touch you if you choose to keep your light. (read more)

27. Bond and Bondage

 It is part of your duality that in order to disperse anxieties and fears you ask those who are around you to be anxious and fearful like you. They are those who, in order to feel that they are okay, ask those around them to feel the same so they will be empowered. You think that together you are stronger in fear. That is why societies and governments often use fear, anger and hate to bond their people together. The energy of fear has been utilized in your history many times to maneuver and exploit situations so as to create bonds and bondage. We wish to impart to you that from our perspective that tendency is moving in the opposite direction of spirit as it uses darkness to create more darkness. When those around you ask you to join them in their darkness we ask you to remain the lighthouse and shine your light. (read more

28 . The Marathon

We would love you to know that when compared to a marathon race you are in the final stretch and there are trillions of us cheering you on. Every step you take gets you closer to where you need to be. We wish to tell you that in this marathon race you are carrying with you the vibration of the planet so your race has high stakes. The completion of your race holds magnificent potential for humanity and the establishment of peace on earth. It feels so difficult because you have been at it for so long and you are tired. You carry with you the knowledge and memory of the whole race and now that you are in the last portion of your journey we wish to tell you: “Do continue.” We are all watching you and we wish you to open your ears for just a moment to hear the cheering and the clapping that is coming from the sidelines. You are so dearly loved and we see that your legs are tired, your heart is beating fast and you are not sure if you can make it to the next curve. We ask you to not think of the next turn. Just be in the moment and think of the next step. Your journey is about moving step by step and heartbeat by heartbeat. (read more)

29. The Ride

We see where you are heading, and it may feel like a recreation park, at times like a joy ride, and at other times, like a nightmare, so much so that you wish it were over. From where we stand you are about to enter a time in which you will feel much as if you are in an amusement park where you can choose all kind of rides. Some rides will feel very uplifting, and some will feel scary. It is up to you to choose the experience and the ride that you want to be on.  How should we choose, you may ask?  As you enter a period of changes, you must be one with the change. We wish you to be in the awareness that what you are experiencing is an inner process manifested in your outer reality, therefore, you must always seek higher ground of awareness in which you benefit from your experience. We wish you to be in the now so those rides you are on will feel like part of you. It is very disconcerting for humans to go through major changes. We wish to tell you that you are about to experience major changes. (read more

30. The Magic Carpet

When you neglect the self, inevitably you will emit the geometry of lack rather than abundance. When you take on the role of suffering in order to serve humanity, your geometry will ooze the energy of suffering to those around you. For you to emit the most powerful light without filters of lack, suffering, or self-neglect, you must first conquer self-love, and from there you may do service just by being in that vibration.  We wish to speak with you about an interdimensional journey opening up for all of you. It is a journey that can take you higher than ever before, by passing many of the attributes of past journeys required for those initiates who wished to ascend. We speak of the long training periods in which you had to be deprived of things and experience suffering and lack so your energy would purify and lighten. You are a vibrating instrument, and like a tuning fork you can be tuned with the resonance of the frequency that is now flooding your planet, or you can be in discord with that resonance. When you are in tune, the new frequency is such that you can ride on it like the “magic carpet” in your myth, taking you to where you need to be through flying and not through climbing. (read more)

31. The Melody and the Music

Our reality is devoid of time, and past, present, and future all appear as fluctuations of energy potentials, some manifested and some still in potential even though the timing for manifesting may have already passed. In our reality we greet and hug every single one of you who has the potential to read our messages. Not only can we see you, but we also can also see the circumstances in your life that will be the catalyst for your search. We can see how our messages will facilitate your growth, and we can see your potential for alchemical transformation as a result. In our reality we speak directly and personally to each one of you. We know who you are, and we know and hug each and every one of you who will ever read these messages. We even hug those who were not born yet and are with us watching you, and they know that they have potential to read these messages. We sit beside you as we lay our invisible arms around your shoulders to let you know how much we love you. (read more)

32. The Tightrope Circus Act

Like the tightrope act in the circus, in order for the rope to be tight, the rope must be pulled from both ends. Only when the rope is tight enough can the balancing circus act take place.

  Why circus act? Why tightrope, You may wonder? 

The rope symbolizes your willingness to trust and walk on ground that is neither secure nor safe. It also represents your willingness to move forward, defying your instinct for survival. The “circus act” is metaphorically the chapter of your evolution as angels disguised as humans. You are walking and acting in a large tent called earth and each one of you is acting your role as you believe you should be. One is the clown and the other is on the trampoline. Your act is now changing and shifting as the circus is moving to a new destination and you must develop a new set of skills to accommodate the new act. We wish to impart to you with all love that it is a good time for you to look inside yourself and take notes on your past performance as you are getting ready to move to a new destination. It is with love and without judgment that we present the information from the circle. There will be those who may say, “We do not believe it, this is a hoax.” With all love we wish to tell you that you are also dearly loved and whether you agree with what was written or believe it, you are loved just the same. (read more)

33. Toaster 

Like your modern day electrical toaster, it may be occupying a space on your kitchen counter but unless you plug it in to the electrical outlet and push the lever down it will not be activated. We are the toaster of your divinity. We act as a link between you in duality to the part of yourself which is the “I am that I am.” You have a wall and that wall prevents you from seeing who you really are. To begin to see you must activate your toaster. You must acknowledge that there is something else out there beside your 3-D reality and it can only be unveiled to you if you seek it. You must therefore set up intent by taking the plug and finding a place to plug it in. Those who choose to activate their divinity will have the electrical current of divinity flow into them allowing them to become aware of the love radiating from the other side as well as knowledge of their own mastery. (read more

34. The Domino Effect

We wish to speak with you about the game known as Dominos. In your culture you play a game in which you place one cube next to the other and when you place many of them, you enjoy the sight of tipping the first one and seeing all the rest crumbling and folding creating the “domino effect” we wish to use this metaphor at this time. The earth is going through changes and so are you. With all love we wish to tell you that all of you must adjust as there is no one who can stay impervious or unaffected by the events that are unfolding all around you. You chose to change and those changes are upon you now. We see the potential for events that are seemingly “negative or fearful” that may tip the first cube and therefore create the “domino effect” where all those who are standing may lose their ground and miss the opportunity to ascend in vibration. As you are weaved with the same reality as your next door neighbor you may react in the same fashion and just crumble yourself allowing your torch to be turned off. You, the light workers, are the ones who are placed along the “domino chain” and if you remain balanced you may stop the domino effect in its midst. It is enough that some of you will stay balanced to prevent the collapse of the whole. (read more)

35. The Gift of Lightening

As a master you choose your experience and all that you experience therefore is your choice, we ask you to take the reins in your hands and know that you are leading yourself to your own learning. There is a great story that is unfolding in front of you and as you walk the path of the master, every moment counts. You must be in awareness and awake so the walk is joyful no matter how others perceive it to be. Your reality is created by your awareness and not vise-versa. Many of you believe that you have a reality that is forced upon you and you need to deal with whatever comes. We wish to tell you that individually and collectively you are creating all the experiences that cross your path. When you receive a message and the message is overwhelming in size and scope know that it is you who have asked to be shaken so you could move up a step. When for example, lighting hits your house and you experience a loss that is great, know that it is your time to move away from those anchors which hold you chained in the harbor, and sail to the open sea. (read more)

36. The Protocol

Moving upward has to do with surrendering to the highest potential in your life and developing awareness that all comes from love. Surrendering has to do with mostly unlearning what you already know and trust. Trust creates harmonic resonance with spirit which allows you to remember who you are and become the master that you are. Many of the angels who are wearing the roles of lead ers sitting at the heads of your spiritual institutions and movements walk the opposite way of ascension by trying to control that which they experience and by attempting to convince others of what they should experience. Many of your establishments which promote spiritual ways of life carry manuals on how to become enlightened. They tell you to get up at this time, and meditate for so long and eat only such food and sleep so many hours and then, you will get there. We are in love with you and we honor all of your choices. If you wish to follow a protocol and it makes you feel better about your life, your choice is honored, if you wish to get up early in the morning and meditate, it is honored as well. With a hug we wish to tell you that in order to become the master you must let go of manuals altogether. You must say goodbye to protocols. You must learn to walk without training wheels and to listen to the one voice which is coming from inside of you. (read more)

37. The Helium Balloon

Many of you bunch together to create groups of helium balloons believing that you are stronger this way. We wish to tell you that even as a group when the wind comes, you all shift with it and when you land deflated on the ground the thorns that are part of nature may still puncture your thin layer of rubber. We ask you to let go of your walls and defenses because only then you are truly you. When you walk the walk of a human many of you see yourselves as separated from all that is around you. Many of you even see yourselves separated from your fellow angels. You see yourselves in term of appearance, gender, race, economic background and many other attributes that have very little to do with your divinity. All of those attributes are your choice of course of learning this time around. You are in a school called earth and you are the teacher as well as the student. You choose a balloon outfit before you even begin school. The balloon can be pink, yellow, red or white but it is still a balloon. You wear this outfit as if it is who you really are. When the wind comes and blows you to the side you are surprised and fearful and when over time the helium escapes from your body and your skin ages and you become deflated landing on the ground, then you are fearful of all the thorns that you may encounter on the ground. All of the balloons fly at times and at some point the helium escapes and the body deflates and lands. (read more)

38. Crossing the Intersection

When a mother takes her child by the hand and leads it across a large intersection for the first time, her desire is that the child will learn how to cross this intersection on their own. With love she explains to her child what she needs to watch for as she crosses this large intersection. We act like your mother as we have been where you are. We are not more than you are, but we have been through what you are going through now so we know the challenges you are facing. When you shed your body you are light as we are light and we are all brothers and sisters. It is our mission at this time to support you as you approach this large intersection for the first time. Like your mother, we love you dearly and we wish to hold your hand as you cross but we also wish to teach you so you can do it on your own. It is our desire that you awaken to your power and your divinity. It is our wish that you shine your light so the whole of humanity can learn from you how to cross the intersection for the first time. (read more)

39. You Asked For It 

These messages act as a conveyor of the energy of love which aims to link you with you and to wake you up to your own divinity. With a hug we wish to impart to you that Love energy acts and harmonizes with your cells facilitating healing in your body when it is appropriate. Again, it is not the tools that heal you but you who heals yourself through intent. We wish to tell you that these messages do not come from an entity or a channel; they come from you, the reader. They come to those of you who requested them. Those who requested them will be guided to these messages and will know instantly that it is for them. Those of you who did not ask for these messages will not be able to finish a single page as it will appear alien or too confusing. You are magnificent and we see you as geometric patterns moving about; these messages correspondence to your geometry and each message links to a moment in time in the cycle you call human life. (read more)

40. Down The River

You are on a river in a canoe going downstream. Many of you feel that your purpose is to get to the end destination. Many of you can’t wait to get to where you need to go so you can rest. We wish to tell you that if you do that you are missing the whole point. Your purpose, from our perspective, is to go through the white water, the rocks and the dangerous parts as well as the calm and beautiful parts, and to be peaceful with all of it. Your purpose has to do with learning to feel love toward the water, the rocks and the calm areas and be in gratitude to the river for teaching you about being in the now and about love. When we see you going down the river, only thinking of where you are heading, you are not in the now so you are likely not getting the full benefit of your journey. When you are in fear of what is to come or regretting what you believe you missed out on along your journey down the river, again you are not in the now. The now is where you carry the crown of your divinity wearing the cloth of a master

Why are you telling us about all this? Why do we need to know about a river and a canoe, when we are just trying to make ends meet and have a normal life, we hear you say to yourself? 

It is our intention to love you and give you a hand through the times many will consider turbulent. From where we stand, no one will have what you call a “normal life.” From where we stand, many of you will have to continuously shift on this portion of your journey down the river. We ask you to understand that waiting for these parts to end and getting back to normal is not an option. It would be as if you wished to go to bed during the most exciting parts of your journey. We ask you to understand that this part of the journey is what so many of you signed up for, this time around. We wish you to be awakened and with the awareness of a master so you can fully benefit from every moment. (read more)

41. White Stripe

There is a road and the road is marked by a white stripe like your modern day highways. When you drive by at night you only see that stripe and you stay focused on it so you will not miss the road. During the day you can see all that is around and your eyes wander to the view and your surroundings. At night, however, you stay focused on the white stripe that separates your path from the ongoing traffic. This is a metaphor for the journey that some of you are about to experience. We ask you to invoke the light guiding stripe so when the sun sets for a short time and you are lost in darkness, your high beams can light the road in front of you and the white stripe can guide you to stay on the road and not drive into the oncoming traffic or a ditch. (read more)

42. The Aquarium 

We wish to tell you your story in metaphors so you will feel where you are rather than process it with your logical mind. With all love we wish to tell you that from where we sit, you exist in an aquarium of sorts and you are a fish, maybe a golden fish. All around you there are visitors who watch you in your aquarium, studying and admiring you. You, however, from the perspective of the golden fish, can only see to the limit of the glass. You are unable to see what is behind the thin walls that hold your world in the illusion of separation and duality. In fact, from our perch we see that you are in a small aquarium you call earth and that you are surrounded by an infinite ocean. And though you are in the midst of that infinite ocean all you see is your own reflection and limitations inside the glass walls of the aquarium. The aquarium is not your planet but your limited ability to perceive your reality. You can travel to other planets and you will still be in the aquarium. Space and time are not your limits. Your limit is walking your journey blindfolded constricted by the limitations of your senses and perceptions. You are all galactic angels who come from different parts of this universe to act your role in a free-will reality where your true nature is hidden from you. (read more

angel cover photo vol lv.jpg

And So Be it.

We ask you to understand the sacredness of your journey and the magnificence of your power. You have in you the tools to change the world by reclaiming your mastery. Begin by loving yourself and when you feel lost ask for our hands and know that we are already here with you holding your hands. We come from light and so do you. When our light merge with yours it is like sun to flowers. You are so dearly loved and so be it.