wow!! I read as soon as I opened the email!!! I finished and stood up, hugged myself, cried, invited the angels to be in my every moment of this life and physically took that step forward as an act of faith to move there.
— JH

I remain completely blown away by your book, feeling that all who read it and can take it deeply will surely find enlightenment swiftly, regardless if they can believe in the coming shift in dimensions. Every time I read part of it, I end up in tears, it touches me so deeply. But the angels are right; it is probably not for everyone.
— AP

These ( messages) are so very powerful._ I had a hard time staying awake as I read them. The messages spoke to me very directly. I am still overwhelmed by their clarity and their embrace. They made so many things,_ experiences in my life,- transparent, and allowed me to recognize them for what they were.
— LL

Since I was introduced to the book my life has changed completely… I keep reading the book and I am amazed. I feel so privileged to be one the first of receiving these messages.
— MD

I am speechless over “Conversation With Angels”. Nothing that I say would even come close to the experience that I am having while reading , All I can say is Thank You
— Rev. JH

So many thanks to you… and the angels! Your book is the most important book I’ve ever read, just what I needed exactly when I needed it. It is tying everything together that I already knew somehow and clarifying so much.
— JS

Dear Dror, thank you so much, you can’t imagine how I need this kind of support. I’ve got no one to talk to here and it feels so lonely at times I think I’m losing it.
Now sitting here in an internet place in Camocim, a little town in the North of Brazil and I almost started to cry while reading your messages. Thanks a million again and a big hug with much love
— Ak