Dror Ashuah  Dror Ashuah is an internationally recognized inspirational speaker, intuitive, and channel.  He is author of the book series Conversation with Angels (Epigraph/Monkfish Book Publishing Company), a collection of messages on spiritual awakening received by Dror from the Angelic (or spiritual) realm in preparation for this unprecedented time of global change. 

Mr. Ashuah earned a Master’s degree from Harvard University in Human Development and Psychology. His extensive worldwide travels combined with studies in mysticism, astrology, Reiki, crystals, and Shamanism have all contributed to his personal understanding of the messages about human consciousness. 

Dror’s powerful and inspirational workshops reach his audience in a deep and transformational manner.  Dror relays a non-linear worldview about the nature of life on Earth and our greater purpose in the Universe:  awakening to our divinity and understanding our spiritual role on this earthly journey.

The Mission

“It is the grandest time in your history as humans on this planet and nothing you know will stay the same.”

The collective energy of the planet is rapidly shifting.  Dror gently urges us to move with joy, peace, balance and love into the next step of planetary evolution and into a higher frequency and vibration.

“Reality as we know it is operating from two sides: this physical dimension and a non-physical higher-frequency dimension that is alive with consciousness,” he tells us.  For us to awaken, we must be in touch with our physical bodies and feelings.  “This story is much grander than what we are told.  We are universal angelic consciousness who are part of the essence of God immersed in forgetfulness. It is time to remember and wake up.” 

Dror refers to evolution as both a physical process as well as a conscious co-creation between ourselves and the higher energies. “It is neither this alone, nor that alone,” he shares. “The messages imply that it is both. Evolution is a creative spiritual process that moves through and by consciousness; angelic forces are part of the energy we call nature or evolution.”

Included among the poignant messages of the Conversation With Angels  volumes are:  Reality has two sides— Evolution is both physical and spiritual—Our planet is converging and shifting to align with the purpose of the Universe—Time is accelerating—Human Potential is flowering—Self-transformation is the key for transformation of the world—We are all Angels and our mission is to become multidimensional beings always moving toward a higher frequency and a new reality.  Through our own personal progress, together we can bring about a more balanced planet with peace on Earth for everyone.

In a recent interview about his book, Dror speaks about the angelic source of the messages.  “We are them and we have invoked these messages. Our work here on Earth is to awaken to our divine Nature—through love and intention.”

Say the angels: “You are on the eve of a new era. It is you who chose to vibrate higher and change your future. Your future was a probability, and you have chosen a different probability, a truly grand one, and you are on track to graduate. We wish to impart to you that your time, as you know it, is collapsing. You are experiencing an acceleration of time as you know it. What it means is that various dimensions are colliding, and you will begin to experience multiple realities simultaneously.”