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Conversation With Angels

Volume IV _ Are You Ready?

What you see all around you is the manifestation of your collective thought patterns and yes, it is neither harmonious nor beautiful. Beauty is order, balance, and harmony. Your environment obeys your wishes, and as you look all around and realize in despair that what you have created is not what you intended, you may begin to realize how to finally utilize your power to return to balance. This is why we are here, to sound the bell and awaken you to your power because you have been asleep for a long time, the ship is adrift, and you are moving through treacherous waters. You are the captain of your ship, and unless you are awakened, your ship will continue to sail at the mercy of the waves and winds.

Message Guide volume IV

You are magnificent and we see you as geometric patterns moving about; these messages correspondence to your geometry and each message links to a moment in time in the cycle you call human life. We ask you to read this book like a recipe book. When you crave a certain type of food, look through the message guide below and pick the one that seems the most appetizing. Use your feeling and allow the correct message to present itself. Be playful and allow that which comes from the circle to celebrate with you the shifting of you and the planet. Trust that you read what you need to know for this very moment. Read the messages often and each time you read a new layer will be revealed to you. We will be with you each time you pick up the book working and facilitating healing your growth and expansion.. The book has the spirit of the circle and is not meant to be read in a linear fashion. You are changing and the planet is changing. Your vibration is increasing and the molecules around you dance differently then they used to. 

 1. A Tree

Be the tree, we say to you, and do not go on worrying about the well-being of the forest before you’ve mastered being the tree. Your most powerful contribution to the forest that you are part of is being the most magnificent tree. (read more)

2. The Threshold

There are doorways that were meant for you to walk through, and in each lifetime you may pass by many of them and never open a single one. And then comes a cycle—and sacred this cycle is—when you become aware of the doors, and one by one you open them and walk through. Each door opened creates a pulse that changes the universal beat around you. Each door opened introduces a new frequency to your reality, and each new reality allows you to soar higher. This is your time and your mission, to open these doors and walk through. (read more)

3. Knock, Knock

A knock can take the form of an accident, an illness, loss of a relative or loved one, a traumatic separation from your lover or child, a divorce, loss of job or income, loss of a home to fire, flood, or foreclosure, depression, physical ailments that restrict your movements. Each knock is asking you to open a door inside of you. (read more)

4. Being Alive

You are asked to let go of your old safety nets, and trust that you will be guided. Being in service to self and Earth, means that you are no longer guided by desires to go somewhere and be attached to outcomes. You allow that which presents itself to you and offer gratitude in an exchange. You move about as if you are using your wings more than your feet. Trust that whatever serves you will appear in your physical dimension to support your path, and whatever is hampering your path must be discarded, making space for the new. (read more)

5. The Difference Between A Human And An Angel

A human, who turns angel, plants seeds of light everywhere she sets foot. As she walks, people’s hearts open, hands that were clutched surrender, and eyes that were shut closed begin to sparkle. The vibration emanating from a meeting between the one who embodies love and the one who opens her heart to love is like a reunion of twin souls. They merge, and both are changed forever. Love expands and light illuminates. Your role is to be a bridge, a conduit, a lover, and to allow that which crosses your path to touch your heart, without having your heart change colors. You are a vibration, a melody, a frequency, which manifests in form. (read more)

6. Nothing and Everything

Let go of who you think you should become, let go of your idea of limitation, let go of your inadequacies, let go of your ideas of good and bad, let go of separation. Let go of anything onto which you previously held. Let go of fears, let go of wanting, let go of any idea about who you are or what you are. (read more)

7. The Sphinx

Your ancestors knew that there is no rush to get anywhere. They held sacred that all movements are but an expression of a flow back and forth within a sphere. All that goes up must come down and all that sways to the left must also sway to the right. Their main ambition was to be aligned with the universal flow that was manifested all around their physical reality. Unlike you, they wanted to read the map and walk in alignment with the charted path. You are, at the moment, out of balance with the universal flow, as you have veered from the path of reading the map, and you are attempting to force your will on the universal laws around you. (read more)

8. Limbo

For every time that you feel darkness, know that you are making space for light. Each time you take a leap not knowing if you end up at the bottom of a pit never to be found again, or lay on a bed of roses, know that you have moved in alignment with your role. You must move, change, create, explore, open, and open some more. Then, when you feel that you can no longer open because you will fall apart and become discombobulated, you are asked to trust and yet open some more. (read more)

9. Lost Innocence

It is time, now, to link with the purity of the child you were once. It is essential to connect with the pure heart of carefree laughter. It is sacred to look again at your body like an infant discovering her toes for the first time. When you were little, all aspects of your body were equally sacred and you were just beginning to learn what is yours and what is not. You have yet to place a judgment on good, bad, appropriate, or inappropriate. We ask you to find that space in you again. (read more)

10. The Test

Your love of self is being tested and your core truth is being pushed to its limits. Hold on to nothing and move with the wind. Do not resist the pain, and do not resist the agony. Move deeper into yourself and you will find that in the deepest cavern of your heart there is only light and it shines so bright that it forgives and holds compassion for each human regardless of their choices. (read more)

11. The Rainbow

Being free is embracing the totality of existence within the spectrum of the rainbow, creating a circle that is a reflection of light, where each hue represents the angle of the light hitting the raindrops. None of it is “you” and all of it is “you.” It is time for you to be free from holding on to how others perceive you. Clear your attachments, sever the cords, break the chains, and move away from the human angel’s ambivalent duality-based consciousness, acknowledging that once you have crossed the threshold, there is no going back. (read more)

12. Two Become One

There is always a purpose of two coming together, the timing of a beginning and the timing of an ending is as sacred as any birth and death. When two become one they, in fact, become three. Long before you have created a child through birth you have created a third being that is the two forms merged. You come into unions as a creative act, and each time you merge you have created a new form. (read more)

13. The Cell

Cell is conscious in the same way that human is conscious. Indeed there are levels of awareness, but each cell has an awareness of self and its environment. The macro and the micro are always linked, reflecting the same basic truth. (read more)

14. The Divine Plan

If you knew truly and completely that you are loved, cared for, protected, and guided, would you still have a reason to worry, be scared, be a victim?  If you knew that you can never fail on this journey, and that all lessons end up serving the divine plan, regardless of whether its intent came from dark or light, would you still doubt that you are where you need to be? (read more)

15. Layers

Layers are like shadows of the past. They appear, then disappear as quickly, once you have illuminated their essence by using love. As soon as one shadow is illuminated, a new shadow appears, all different, yet the same. All come from movies left unfinished. All movement seeks to find equilibrium before clearing away. Most of you are now in the midst of opening your dusty moldy attics, clearing away unfinished stories, some of which are very old. This is why you are now easily overwhelmed, as debris from all types, shapes, and sizes comes at you, seemingly from arbitrary directions. You are here in the now, clearing the past so you can move into a new future. (read more)

16. Into the Fire

The journey of an angel dressed up as a human is to go into the fire and emerge intact. The only power that can motivate you to walk into the fire is love. The only power that can lead you safely and intact out of the fire is love. Your soul family is your main tool to teach you about love from all angles. It is a framework for learning. If you were not in school would you spend much of your waking hours completing your homework? Your soul family is your school and it presents you with an incentive to do your homework. (read more)

17. Reboot

When a car swerves off its course hitting you, you get injured. Your external aspect and internal aspect have just collided. The result of the collision, besides the obvious pain and medical treatment that you must undergo, is that your external and internal vibrational field align for a moment. You may call it rebooting. (read more)

18. Gratitude

The power of true gratitude is in its shape. It is shaped like a three-dimensional triangular tetrahedron key. This key opens the gate to true knowing, to true surrender and to a true acceptance of this union. Spirit wishes to express itself; the ego within the physical vehicle wishes to express itself; the body wishes to express itself. All expressions are in balance only when the entire being is in gratitude. (read more)

19. The Player

You cannot hide your thoughts, feelings, and actions from the “I am.” It is all-knowing, and regardless of what everyone thinks about you, your God-self knows, and it will ask you to account for your choices; to face your lower self. You can be the most sophisticated player, who can hide your true self from everyone, playing the game of light to perfection, but you cannot hide from your “I am.” Your higher aspect, the one who guides you along the trajectory, higher and higher, knows who you are, and, with love, and through love, will have you face yourself. There is no escaping the speeding traffic police because the judge, jury, and plaintiff are all within you. (read more)

20. The Game of Your Life

This is why you came here. You take your life so seriously that we must give you a little reminder of why you are here and the larger scope of your playing field. You come here to play, and before you enter into this playing field, you set up for yourself the ground rules, you plan moves and you strategize so you can play a “good” game. But often, as you play the game, you forget that it is just a game and you lose sight of why you came here to begin with. (read more)


21. The Endgame

What is the endgame, you wish to know?

You stop playing their game, is our answer. As long as you play it, you cannot neutralize it or change it. The endgame cannot be determined by a tug of war with powers, each pulling on opposite sides. This form of reality-making is messy, dualistic at its core, and does not recognize the divinity and choice, each has, to birth their own vision. Systems are based upon groups, which agree to certain rules. No system can survive without willing participants, not even for a day.


22. What If

What If you were told that your world was coming to an end would you do anything different? Would you hug more? Forgive more? Love more? Relax more? If you were told that, at the end of this day, you are going to be finished here, would you live the seconds, moments, or hours you have left differently than you would have if that information was not available?

23. The Gate

When you walk through a gate, it always involves resistance, so expect it, honor it, and celebrate. Walking through gates requires conquering fear, very real, existential fear, fear of death. Expect it, celebrate it, honor it, and congratulate yourself while walking with eyes open. If it did not involve fear it would not be a gate. Walking from one field of vibration to another requires courage, trust, surrender, perseverance, persistence, humility, and authenticity.

24. Darkness

What if we told you that, in this reality, it is precisely the thing you hate, the thing you complain about so much, that is also the precise reason you are here? To live through it, to know it, to make peace with it, to learn to transmute it, to transform it, and to know that darkness and light are states of being, intimately connected. You came here to expand your idea of the shadow, to look at the range of grays and to review any idea you had about the spectrum; maybe even to suspend judgment about dark, and to suspend judgment about the light.

25. Happiness

Those, who are indeed happy, are those who do not seek happiness; those who bathe in joy, are those who do not go out trying to be joyful, and those who are in bliss, are those who gave up on searching and are firmly anchored in just being.

26. The Trench

The trench is your default path, the one that is set up for you, if you chose to keep on sleeping in a particular lifetime. Once awakened, the first call of the day is to climb up the slippery, tall walls of the trench and get out. This is the way it always works. There is little movement when you are asleep. There is a celebration on our side as you begin to awaken.

27. Fulcrum

Some of you indeed came here to do things but more as a secondary mission. The primary mission of many old souls was to hold the planetary fulcrum in balance, your job is to “be,” and as you walk in your “being-ness” you affect all and all is affected by you.

28. Conflict

Conflict is defined in your language asa collision, a contradiction, an opposition, all implies an agenda that is not being fulfilled.  What if you came without an agenda, what if all your options were equally satisfying and all you needed to express is the one aligned with your truth, would there be a ground for a conflict? Your surrounding may tag it as a conflict but for you it won’t be.  It will only be a movement, an expression, an extension of who you are.  

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Are You Ready?

Wake up to your power, your commitment, and your truth, and remove distractions, remove strategies, and take time to feel more deeply than you ever had.

When you go to sleep at night ask to remember, when you wake up in the morning ask to remember, and when you are in confusion ask to remember. It is all within you, and it is time to remember why you came here. You are so dearly loved, and so be it.