Proyect Inlakech May 2019

On may 24th 2019 2 years after the first visit of the Heart pulse Peace mission to Mexico, we inaugurated the first collaborative community built recycled bottle school in the area.

One candle can disperse darkness in a room, and one candle can light many candles without a loss, only gain.  Our hopes are that the InLakech Pilot Project will inspire other communities to follow, to bringing hope, cleaning the environment, empowering communities to better their lives, and light up smiles on the faces of the next generation of children. . “As you vibrate with love, you become a member of the universal symphony “

 Dalai Lama Said in a tweet on the day of the inauguration; “our life depends on others so much that at the root of our existence is a fundamental need for love.  That is why it is good to cultivate an authentic sense of responsibility and concern for the welfare of others

Weaving people together from many parts of the world united in purpose brings forth more light and ignites passion to help each other. What started as an idea to clean the environment from plastic and help a forgotten community called Colonia Antrochista on the outskirts of Macario Gomez manifested into a Primary and secondary beautiful school made out of recycled bottles,  with toilets and running water uniting the community and volunteers alike. There are nearly 1000000 plastic bottles discarded every minute in the world. 91% are being discarded as trash according to Forbes magazine. The school is a drop in the bucket, but let us not forgot that even the ocean is made out of drops. 100000 bottles were collected, filled in sand and used as a building material. 50 children ager 3 -16 are being benefited from Art, Music, English, meditation, dance and other classes taught by volunteers.New Violins donated to the InLakech project inspiring the first string orchestra in the community”

“if you want happiness for a year , Inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a life time, help someone else. Confucius

We offer our deepest appreciation and gratitude to those of you who invested their time , energy love support and money to bring this project into life.  It is a blessing knowing it’s there always there the weave that weaves us all together.

Dror Ashuah & Gisela Stromeyer

Directors of the Heart Pulse partnership and the INlakech Project

Special thanks

for the large contribution to

Sai Jerrybandan-president of United heart, Saul Smaili, KassemSmaili Scarioni, FrenandaSmaili Scarioni, MariamSmaili Scarioni, Caty Peterson, Patricia Del A Torre, Nancy Aleo, Hanna Seidel, Joachim Seidel, Philipp Bretschneider, Walter Bretschneider, Sibylle Stromeyer, Sofia Stromeyer, Ludwig Stromeyer, Eugene and Lauren Perlov, Linda Kawer, Annette Knopp, Daniel Gestaldi, Sebastian Galdeano, Susana Bastarrica, Patrick Ryan, Julia Abramson, Michaela Sharon, Peter Blum Leslie Olin, Michele Pino, Joseph Jastrab, Phyllis Luberg, Amanda Jane, Ryan Whisnant, Ned & Lynn Leavitt-Margileth, William Bartolotta, Kenneth Berst, Patricia Mendez, Bert and Moira Shaw, Gillian Bartlam, Nilda Rodriguez , Yotam and Zohar Alef, Alon Werber, Frederic Pommeret, Ofer Braver, Lior Har Lev, Hanna Levy, Adam Lippin, Alex Spadea, John Dcdowell, Susan Malfitano, Gil Ashuah, Morgan Bates, Artemio Cache Nah, Shiri Paamoni Eshel.



When you wake up in the morning, make a promise to yourself that you will be a little kinder today, to yourself, to others, to the sky, the air, the water, even the fire, the animals and plants, the life force in all things and see it the end of the day what you have accomplished and how you feel about the day.” _G Stromeyer