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Conversation With Angels

Volume III _ It’s Time.

The first book, Conversation with Angels, was written in less than three months; the second book, And So Be It, was completed in about nine months; this book, It’s Time, took about three years to complete. Since I had my first physical encounter with the angels on December 10, 2007until today, summer solstice of 2012, my life has spiraled and every aspect of my reality has shifted.

Image credit: Inbal Leviatan Kraus

Message Guide volume III

You are magnificent and we see you as geometric patterns moving about; these messages correspondence to your geometry and each message links to a moment in time in the cycle you call human life. We ask you to read this book like a recipe book. When you crave a certain type of food, look through the message guide below and pick the one that seems the most appetizing. Use your feeling and allow the correct message to present itself. Be playful and allow that which comes from the circle to celebrate with you the shifting of you and the planet. Trust that you read what you need to know for this very moment. Read the messages often and each time you read a new layer will be revealed to you. We will be with you each time you pick up the book working and facilitating healing your growth and expansion.. The book has the spirit of the circle and is not meant to be read in a linear fashion. You are changing and the planet is changing. Your vibration is increasing and the molecules around you dance differently then they used to. 

1. The Golden Cage

You are not measured by how high you climb. Your treasure is in the thoughts and feelings that you radiate as you walk. In your culture, goals are being promoted as the end-all, and if you arrived second, you lost. Only the one who arrived first is the declared winner. In our game, at times, the one who arrived last is the declared winner. It is so, because she experienced joy as she defeated all odds just to be in the race and run with the pack. (read more)

2. Monsters Under Your Bed

Moving upward requires fearlessness, and fearlessness requires you to practice conquering fear. Fear is part of your humanness and it is built in you. It is biological; it protects you and it helps you to survive. What we ask you, with all love, is to conquer fear by learning to redirect the energy of fear from you to Gaia so it can be transformed rather than freeze you. When you were a child and you saw imaginary monsters under your bed, your remedy was to call out, asking your mother to take them away. Gaia is your mother and you are her child. She is connected to you like a mother and supports you like a mother. When you fear and you call out, she will come to you. (read more)

3. The Fountain of Youth

[T]hose of you who are going through the experience of forgetfulness or incapacitation are those who are learning to feel rather than control their environment through reason. . . . [T]hose who experience the deterioration of their mental capacity are going through unlearning one lesson while learning another. (read more)

4. The Dot

[T]he path to higher awareness is very simple. You may use complicated language; you may embed the path in difficult practices, but at the end of the sentence there is always a dot, and the dot is where the whole story is hiding. (read more)

5. Gadgets Stop Ringing

You are now in the energy of reconnecting with yourself, becoming one. Gaia knows who you are and all the energies around you know who you are, the trillions of us know you. We wish you, too, to know yourself. (read more)

6. Shades of Grey

We respect your free-will universe and you are never forced to choose one road over the other. The power is within you. Know that you always have a choice between dark and light. Often your choice will not present itself solely as dark or light but rather in shades of grey. Even in the spectrum of shades of grey, there is always a lighter shade of grey and a darker shade. Your mission is to become aware, to awaken, so you will always move towards the lighter shade, spiraling, ascending, toward purer and purer light. (read more)

7. Planetary Healers

When you and we hold hands above the one who needs healing, it is your linearity that you need to move aside so your circular portion can be activated. When the energy from the circle interacts with your biology, the melody that is being transmitted is one of harmony, and it creates a pitch or a tone that is harmonious with your cells, bringing them back into balance. (read more)

8. The Dye of Love

When you pour a drop of food-coloring dye into clear water the whole glass of water becomes colored by the drop of dye. You are the dye and the drop is the drop of “love.” When you mix your environment with just one drop of a concentrated dye, all who are around you will be colored by your energy. It is the way of it. (read more)

9. What Am I Doing Here?

You are a piece of biology with a twist, and the twist is that you carry the seed of God in each one of your cells. The mechanics of your biology hold the key to the universe. It is why we tell you that you contain all you need, and you create what you need when you are in the now. You contain within you all the universes in all dimensions, and there are more than a few. You, the one reading these lines, are the key to the unfolding of the biggest shift in consciousness your planet has seen since its birth. Are you still feeling powerless? (read more)

10. Rise of the Goddess It is time to surrender; let go of your walls. Allow all the emotions that you held at bay to be expressed within you and through you so they can be released. Learn to feel again. Learn to trust that you are loved and protected. You are moving into harmony, aligning with the powerful energy of the Goddess, dependent on your willingness to let go of the poles that hold you anchored in shame, guilt, and separation. You must activate your Shakti, or your female sexual power, suppressed and repressed for thousands of years. The pendulum is swinging back to balance and with it, all of you must shift. (read more)

11. The Wave

To truly become one with oneself, you must let all that does not belong to you be discarded. You hold the belief that the heavy, buried feelings are your baggage. Many still hold on to their heaviness and we must impart to you that you cannot easily float with the coming of the high water surge if you hold on to wet suitcases. You may go under with your “precious” belongings. With all love, we ask you to hold on to the only precious thing that you are responsible for on this journey, you and your biological vehicle. (read more)

12. “I Want”

No material wealth—no matter how extensive—will ever be enough. It is from within that your feeling of lack has to be fulfilled. Next time you sit to meditate and speak to spirit, ask not for more money but feel the feeling that you yearn to experience. Imagine feeling love; imagine feeling peace; imagine experiencing balance; imagine experiencing abundance; then let go and trust that you are the creator manifesting all that which you wish for. Allow your reality to rearrange itself according to your imagined feelings and let go. (read more)

13. The Blender

Imagine a world where everyone knew that they were eternal and masters of their reality. Everybody knew that all they needed to “do” is be in the now and in a place of joy. They knew that their reality must rearrange itself according to their belief and intent. Do you know what happens when enough of you understand these simple mechanics of your dimension? You have brought heaven upon you. Wouldn’t you like to be the bringer of heaven on Earth? (read more)

14. Show Me the Money

The current system is based on lack and not abundance; therefore, as long as you are part of the system, it is part of the limitation of this game. We ask you at this time to move out of the game, imagining that which you wish to feel. Imagine abundance, that you have stepped off the treadmill and away from the game of scarcity. Imagine how the abundance feels: you are loved, taken care of, there is nothing you need more than what you already have. By using your power and light, you create your reality. The feeling of abundance will then present itself in your life as it must. (read more)

15. It’s Time

Once you enter the healing space, placing your hand above your client, we ask you to now move aside, delete all you know, and wait. Visualize your patient in his/her perfect form as if there were no ailment. See them as healed and do not ask for specifics as if healing has already happened. Trust that once you clear yourself from expectation, stop looking for this or that sign of imbalance, trying to remember what to do, that the love frequency from the circle will operate through you. It is our promise, then, that you will experience miracles. (read more)

16. Alchemy

You have chosen to come here for the sole purpose of living your truth awakened. . . . The process of alchemy happens when you walk in the knowledge of who you are. You create a vortex of energy around you which activates others. As you move around in life activating others, you create ripples of higher frequency which we also named “light.” Others can use the higher frequency to ride on and bring about inner transformation from one state of awareness to another. This is alchemy. From heavy, you be come light; from lead, become gold. From human you uncover your angelic essence. . . . This is what we speak of when we say you are all alchemists. This is your purpose. (read more)

17. Learning to Fly

Peace on Earth is the potential for this time. . . . Peace is not a practical political solution to your social and cultural conflicts, but a state of consciousness. You are getting closer to a vibration where the gap separating you from yourself is quickly closing like your hole in the ozone layer. You are approaching a state of vibration that embraces your oneness on a mass scale, holding a united vibration which can open up your dimension to the celebration that is all around you. . . . The party is scheduled soon and your light is needed for this party to happen on time. Our question to you is, why would you want to miss this party? (read more)

18. Sexual Energy Dance

When you begin to use sexual energy, connect with an open heart, and become a vessel for pure love energy, you create a divine dance which gives birth not to another human, but to a new Earth. The sheer power of this dance is enormous, as it uses your most potent source of power with the highest frequency available to you. Procreation is the physical manifestation of this dance, but when you climb beyond the physical, you give birth not to babies but to light. You impregnate Gaia with sacred energy which further increases her vibration and yours. (read more)

19. Move, Shake, Flood, Fire

As soon as you begin to separate one thing from another you find yourself moving away from oneness. With all love, we wish to impart to you that when large movements take place in your physical dimension like floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes, your planet becomes, for a short moment, united in the energy of sympathy and compassion. Every moment of such magnitude creates a step for humanity to climb upward. After each event that has shaken your physical landscape, the wave of united emotions flooding your Earth is like a tsunami which pushes the larger consciousness, of which you are a part, towards the realization that you are all connected, all part of the One. (read more)

20. Sleepless Nights

It is easier for us to communicate with you when you are asleep. To many of you, our frequency keeps your nights less restful. When we contact you in your sleep, you are hovering in the deep sleep state. Once we begin to communicate with you, you remain in this deep sleep state, but you may feel as if you are completely awake. It is not a dream per se that you are experiencing, but an activation of the larger you, expanding, as your mind is off guard. To many, our meetings feel like a hangover after an all night party. Once the intoxication ends, you lie exhausted in bed but unable to sleep. (read more)

21. And So Be It

The purpose is to find yourself, your own divinity, and truly discover who you are. You come here to this remote planet in a hidden, scarcely populated area of your galaxy, believing that you are separated from everything, and through your inner process you must discover your oneness with all that is. Your oneness must be found within you. Once you discover who you are and begin to live your mission, the road opens up and you create ripples of oneness which circulate. Like a magnet, you attract all the pieces of your life together into one unified field. That unified field is made out of the substance of love. Once you radiate love, you are shining and sparkling like a star in the night sky. (read more)

22. Slowing Down

Many of your obstacles and blocks are created within you while you are busy running on your treadmill, making things happen. Often, as you think you are moving forward, you encounter insurmountable blocks that you yourself created while being busy, and then you blame karma or whoever volunteered to play the blocking role for you as the culprit. With all love, we wish you to understand that there is no one out there who is more powerful than you regarding your own journey. You are the God that you pray for at night. You are the angels, and you are divinity. We are part of you, and when you slow down enough to feel all the forces that are part of your entourage, there is nothing that can ever block your path, your potential, or your destiny. (read more)

23. Self-Love

For you to ascend to the next level you must vibrate with love. First to self and, as you walk with self-love, your resonance begins to spread to others. We never said that vibrating with love is like a walk in the park. You have walked, you have learned all the skills needed to vibrate with love, but accessing them, clearing away those parts which block love from flowing freely through you, is your mission. It is, indeed, the most sacred mission at this time. (read more)

24. Leaking Roof

When you give intent, with a pure heart, to find the love inside of you, your reality will begin to shift and change to reflect your new direction. If you are under a sealed roof, holes will form so as to allow moisture and sunlight to penetrate. When holes are formed we see many of you who rush very quickly to cover the leaking roof overhead, again blocking the rain and the sun. Your outer circumstances must change for you to move from a place of dry darkness to a place of moisture and luminosity. For those conditions to manifest, at times you must allow the roof to leak and not rush to repair it. (read more)

25. Being Still

Your angels do not wait too long, as time is short on this path. Soon you will begin to receive directions about where to go and what to do. These directions came from you through your intent. You then must follow the intention with action while staying still and balanced inside. As you do, you begin to see the love connection that weaves all the different circumstances creating your life. You will then begin to see yourself as a masterpiece in which every part of that masterpiece serves a purpose. You no longer judge good or bad, but you become peaceful with what was and become grateful for what is. Experiencing your life from a place filled with peace and gratitude aligns you with your highest path. These directions are the simplest, most profound set of instructions to move you into the spiral of ascension. (read more)

26. Follow the Beat

Ascension rarely comes from studying mantras or sacred texts. Your vibration is linked to your biological vehicle and cannot be experienced only in your mind. The next step in your evolution must be felt within and experienced. You can talk all day long about a beautiful piece of music or the divine taste of dark chocolate, but the reading and hearing about it can never take you to the actual experience of listening to the music or tasting the chocolate. . . . Many of you speak of love. When you actually experience love through your inner and outer senses, realizing that it is everywhere, it is then that your reality shifts. (read more)

27. Left Ankle

Every single imbalance carries, as you know, a corresponding soul imbalance. Now, more than ever before, every tone you play that is off key may be shown to you clearly and almost instantaneously within your physical system. There is less and less of a delay between your choices along the path, resulting in the manifestation of those choices on your physical vehicle. With much love, we must impart that the opposite is also true. When you move into your role, understanding the mission and aligning yourself, your body will begin to sing a harmonious tune as if it happened overnight. (read more)

28. The Great Ballroom

You are moving soon through the first booster acceleration which will carry many of you higher than you have been. The booster will be delivered by Venus and the transmission of the feminine download is now approaching. Delivery of energy from the cosmos around you takes place all the time, but there are markers which create a vortex of fast-moving evolutionary steps in your collective human consciousness, and one such event is forthcoming. Prepare to dance. There is great change taking place in some of your celestial neighbors in order to facilitate the frequency upgrade which Earth requires to move into the next phase. (read more)

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It’s Time.

You are in the most glorious time, and you are alive and breathing. Offer gratitude and know that you are fulfilling a promise that you made before you were born to play your part the best you can. You have the opportunity. You are a light, and your power is to become the master of your life simply by so intending.